Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Slowing Down in Chinatown

Day one in San Francisco: first let me say that this city is really exciting. The abundance of weirdos is absolutely magnificent. I want to photograph all of them. And the architecture is brilliant, too. However, I don't really think my photos reflect that. Walking all over this town, with all of its hills, was really tough for me with crutches and my knee and everything. I was exhausted and frustrated and I feel like most of my pictures are just kind of flat and boring and they reflect my "ughhhh" mood of the day. I wasn't able to just grab my camera and shoot like I would have liked to been able to. Life on crutches is slower. Tomorrow's goal is to not let it slow me down as much.
In my last blog, I lied. If you really want to see photos of this trip, go to Facebook. I'll upload to Flickr eventually.

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