Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bridging the gaps of the Human Street

Well the title of this post pretty much sums it up. I crossed the Golden Gate today, brace and all. My knee and I are not friends right now, but it was SO worth it. The human street on the bridge was a bit congested. I'm pretty sure I had some near-death experiences with some wild cyclists. But, speaking of the human street, what is it about this bridge that draws people from every road of life? Why is this little stretch of the human street so popular? Sure, it's one of San Francisco's "things," but there's something else. Something about this awesome piece of engineering draws people. Cesar said that it is a "symbol of American perseverance and ingenuity during the years of the Great Depression," so maybe that's it. Maybe people are just drawn to places that prove that some things just work out, and last for ages, if you try hard. 

The human street today also seemed to be funneling people to the beach (and let me just say, I was totally okay with that). The ocean is another one of those things that seems to draw people. Scientists are fascinated, athletes are entertained, little kids are mystified. Some people are terrified. Some people see power, or majesty, or grace. Some find the constant lull of the waves to be calming, some see huge breakers as a welcome challenge. I liked photographing people on the beach today because they displayed this wild range of emotions. 

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