Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Day in the Life

This assignment could not have been on a more perfect day! A day in my life... at the beach. I love it. Santa Cruz was  lovely. I can't say that any of the photos I took today scream "Anna's life!" but I'm perfectly happy with all of them. More than happy, actually, because I walked around without crutches all day. It amazes me how much that changed my mood. I was definitely more into it today. The arboretum we visited was absolutely fabulous. Again, it's not like a bunch of close up shots of flowers are all about a day in my life, but then in a way they kind of are since that WAS today in my life. So it's up to interpretation, I suppose. I took some pictures of my leg in all of its bulky, knee-braced glory for this day in the life project, but then I decided that when I look back on today, I want to remember the flowers and the smell of the ocean; the starfish on the legs of pier, the shells on the beach; and my awesome classmates. That's a day in the life. This brace? It's a bump in the road.

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