Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going Berserk in Berkeley

I just have to say, Berkeley is full of strange, beautiful, ready-to-photograph people. Today, I reverted to my old ways-- think European obsessions-- and creeped on some more little kids. I can't say that any of my photos are super focused on the assignment of the day (which was composition) but I like most of them all the same.
Now to get back to the writing assignment: Janet Delaney. I don't know that I've ever met a more interesting woman. I am, if we're being totally honest, super jealous. I really want to do what she's doing. Photography time, all the time, seems like a good plan to me. She was so passionate, and more importantly, at least to me, open to sharing. I got super awkward when she asked my why I didn't like the exhibition we visited on street photography, but I think it was because she put me on the spot. The truth is, the project I liked the most of Janet's was the one that could also be considered street photography, but in my opinion, there was a world of difference between them. Something about Janet's photos drew me in. I don't think it was subject matter, because there were a lot of similarities there. Janet's photos just had that something that made me stop and really look. It was almost more emotional. Janet's photos drew me in the same way Octopus tattoo does, or the way the woman with the lace at Pier 24 did. There's just something more there that I find captivating.

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