Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pier 24 brought a little competition...

GUYS! Big news!!! Octopus Tattoo has some competition! I wish I could provide more detail, but due to the fact that the Pier 24 gallery offered no name for the art of artist, I have no more detail than you do. The photo is a portrait-- a girl with lace covering her face. It's another one of those things: I absolutely love it and I can't quite say why. I'm just drawn to it. I like that while the lace is overlaid, it doesn't mask the girl's features. It doesn't detract. Her eyes are startling. I think I'd say that they are piercing. Her facial expression is definitely conveying something, too.  She looks almost hostile, I think. The lace softens that a little, but at the same time, the pattern of the lace really accentuates some of the woman's features and strengthens that mood. As with Octopus Tattoo, I could go on, but I'll spare you.
Alcatraz was a pretty cool place, I have to say. I was already tired again from walking from Pier 24 to the Pier where the ferry to the island was, so unfortunately, I still am looking at my photos thinking, oh my goodness, Anna, what were you doing all day?! There's just nothing deeper there. It's like I'm not invested in my own photos. I definitely let my crutches and knee slow me down again today.
Following this realization, I got up and went out without my crutches. What started out as a 10-minute walk across the street to Starbucks turned into a two an half hour exploration of Sutter Street. I took more photos and figured out how to function without my crutches, which was so deliciously liberating. I can't say that any of the photos from this adventure are good (at least not yet... they're on film) but I feel better about how I feel about taking them.

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