Friday, November 30, 2012

The Journey So Far... Or, Keep Calm and Carry On

The title just about says it all... so far. So far, the journey has been, in a word, fantastic. I was just a little bit crushed to leave Paris, but I feel like that won't be the last time I go. I'm super excited, beyond comprehension, to be in London. Seriously, I might never leave. I love it.
I've seen so much more already on this trip than I thought I would, only because I've been looking. Not just that, I've been looking differently. This journey is definitely intellectual as well as the more obvious physical one. Like I said a few days ago, the things I'm taking pictures of are changing. In Paris, it was all about the people. I think that part of why I was able to make that my focus is that I'd been to Paris before, and I was ready to see something new.
It's been harder in London, because I hadn't ever been here before and I've been busy geeking out about everything like a silly tourist-- which I totally am!-- and I haven't been giving photography much thought, as opposed to just snapping pictures. I've still been trying to set up a shot and be more photographer- like rather than tourist-y, but my subject matter has reverted back to my old stuff: flowers and pretty buildings and stuff. I feel like even though there is quite a lot of that in London, just as there was in Paris, there's also a lot more to London, like there was in Paris.
 I was feeling earlier today like I had lost my mojo, so now I think that it's about time I jumped back into the photography project and got some good shots.
Here's to mojo. Go find your own. :) and, as the British would say in this fabulous place, Keep Calm and Carry On!

Also, feel free to carry on to Flickr, where today's set will be an explosion of my geeky-ness about being in London. :D

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