Thursday, December 13, 2012

Relationships, Obsessions, and Pictures...

I think that before this class, I was a little oblivious to how much there really is to photography. ISO, shutter speed, aperture... Pre-class, "auto" was my friend. And my favorite setting on my camera. Nothing against auto, or those who use it, but I got irritated with it after a while in this class when I wanted to do certain things. Like light tricks at night. The auto set flash ceased being my friend at that point. But really, that's my relationship to a camera, and let's face it: that's a roller coaster anyway.
My relationship to photography has changed, and it also hasn't. I still love it, and taking pictures just fills me with glee. But I think that I appreciate it as an art now in a way I didn't before (Thank you, Octopus Tattoo.) My subject matter has changed a lot, too. I was, in all honesty, a creeper, taking pictures of complete stranger's children. But now I know that's what I like. I said it before and I'll say it again: they are so happy and they have a boundless energy and innocence that I find intoxicating. I feel like my style is some odd combination of people--- preferably candid or very deliberate (like Octopus Tattoo... I can't get over it) and scenery, flowers, and the occasional total tourist shot. So probably like a lot of people. Apparently I haven't gotten over my addiction to pretty, but I think that my perception of beauty has changed. With that, I'm going to go find some beauty and photograph it.

Okay, one last flickr set. This one is Brighton, where I will definitely be living someday. For the rest of my life.

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