Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Up Close and Personal (Self Portraits)

I very nearly went into this project with the idea to just hold out my phone and make a dumb face. Because, honestly, that's what comes to mind when I think if a self portrait. I just don't feel as awkward when it's not too serious. But that felt a little bit too... cheesy, I guess. Or immature, or something. Anyway, I decided not to go with that plan. So my next plan was to try to get pictures of things that represented who I am. I took a picture of my phone, which pretty much summed that up. And then I thought that that could get really old really quickly unless my photos were just really incredible. So, on to plan #3, which was to take pictures of myself but not really-- and there I think I pretty much got the rest of the project. Reflections abound! I also tried this thing where I thought I'd just take pictures of pieces of my face and then piece them together, but that just got weird. The only good picture to come of that is a close up of my eye.

Despite my serious dislike of being in front of a camera rather than behind, I'm finding that now that I've done a couple self portraits I really want to do more. Naturally, now that I've turned in the assignment I've been flooded with ideas that I didn't have last week. So, it's time to get up close and personal-- something I've never had a problem with with other subjects-- and push my own boundaries!

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