Thursday, October 18, 2012

My addiction to pretty

Hi, everyone!
So the first thing I'm going to say about myself is that I like pretty things, and that totally comes out in my photography. I like sunsets, flowers, scenery, cute animals, and buildings that lean towards the magnificent rather than the practical. I love fountains and laughing people. I guess you could say that I'm an idealist. I like to shoot the pretty stuff. Also, my secret addiction is instant- effect/ editing apps for my phone. I love them.
My dream, on another note, is to work for National Geographic. I want to take a photo of-- and write about-- something that might not be so pretty, but something that will make an impact.

For now, the things I've posted on flickr are the pretty stuff; just some of my favorites. The sunset, for example, was taken in my hometown, and it remains one of my favorites, quite simply, because I was blessed to grow up in a small, quiet, secluded mountain town where beautiful sunsets were a daily experience.
Check them out on flickr!! :)

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